Be sure to say hello to some of our longest standing stall holders:


A stall holder for 15 years selling her beautiful silver jewellery.



A stall holder for 15 years selling beautiful antique jewellery sourced from around the world.


Joan & Barry

Stall holders for 40 years selling antique jewellery and antique wares.


Stall holder for 18 years selling handmade knitted items, socks, scarves, gloves and dolls’ clothing. Wendy also sells fresh flowers hand-picked from her garden.

Sadiq & Maree

Stall holders on and off for 36 years selling gorgeous handmade rugs and custom jewellery with fabulous gem stones that have been sourced from around the globe.


Stall holder for 17 years with some amazing prints of some of Sydney’s most famous icons.


Stall holder for 11 years. Ted is an artist who has been featured in several real estate papers over the years with his hand drawn local houses used in ads.